In this 3 days trip, you will experience most famous places of interests in Xi'an and the majestic Huashan mountain hiking, accompany by a very knowledgeable English speaking tour guide, explain the historical locations you visited. On the first day, morning you will visit the Eighth Wonder in the World - Terra-cotta Warriors as well as afternoon tour to Big Goose Pagoda, Muslim Street. On the second day, take 2-hour drive to natural landscape around Xian - Mt.Huashan, it is one of the five best-known mountains in China, which is famous for its breath-taking cliffs and its unique characteristics. Last day, go ahead to visit the 600 years old ancient City Wall and Drum Tower, Bell Tower. You will be dropped off at the hotel after finishing the last destination - Hangyang Tomb


  • Explore the Terra-cotta Warriors Museum, one of the Eighth Wonders of the World with a professiona guide;

  • Visit Big Goose Pagoda, one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China;

  • Take a food adventure on Muslim Street and try the local delicious snacks;

  • Hike to Mt. Huashan, which is renowned for its natural vista of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags and a high mountain range.

  • Climb 600 years old Xi'an City Wall and you can also ride a bike on the wall;

  • Walk into Drum Tower and Bell Tower, which were used in ancient times as the time keeping the center for the entire city;

  • Visit Hangyang Tomb, the only underground museum in China;


Day 1Terra-cotta Warriors - Big Goose Pagoda - Muslim Street

You will be picked up at the centrally located hotel at 8:30am by your professional English speaking tour guide. 

Firstly, visit Terra-cotta Warriors, known as the Eighth Wonder in the World. In 1974, when several farmers were digging a water well nearby the tomb of the first Qin emperor, the fragments of the Terra-cotta figures were found. Later on, it's found to be a huge underground army built in the Qin dynasty, which can be dating back to 2200 years ago. It's considered as one of the most important archeological discoveries in the 20th century in China.

On the moment when you enter the museum, standing in front of the thousands of the life size terra-cotta warriors, you will not say anything but “Woo!”, it seems that those warriors have come back to life telling us the story happened about the lost Qin empire.

Dine in a local Chinese restaurant.

After lunch, drive to visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda, situated in the Da Ci'en Temple (mercy and thanksgiving temple), is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China. It is named after the story of Xuanzang's journey to the west. Xuanzang is an eminent monk in Tang Dynasty. After he had gone on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures in Tianzhu, known as India now, the pagoda was built to store the scriptures and Buddhist relics he brought from India 1300 years ago.

Then take another 30 minutes to walk around Muslim Street, located in the very downtown of Xi'an, muslim quarters will be another highlight in Xi'an. You may see the local muslim cooking the street food like kababs and pickled beef , selling the dried fruit and 100% knock off stuff, and you will get into the real life of the local people.

Day 2Mt. Huashan Hiking

You will be picked up at the centrally located hotel at 7:00am - 7:30am, today we will have an adventure hiking tour.

Mt. Huashan located 120km southeast of Xian City. It will take around 2 hour drive to get to Mt. Huashan. Before we start hiking, we will get a shuttle bus to get a cable car which will take us to the west or north peak. Then we will start the hiking from the end of the cable car.

Mt. Huashan is part of the Qin Ling Mountain Range that divides not only northern and southern Shaanxi, but also China. It is praised as "the First Odd Mountain in the World”. The Mountain is famous for its dangerous cliff. The cliff is almost vertical with the ground and there are no natural paths to the top of the mountain. Those people who have admired the magnificence of Mt. Hua all marveled at its incredible beauty. On the mountain, temples and pavilions were built on the rocks. Sometimes the buildings are like hanged in the air. 

As there are several hiking options, the return cable car and shuttle bus fee is not included. Please discuss with your local guide and choose the acceptable route yourself.

Suggested Route:

Route A: For those want to see more and climb more then you can take the cable car up at the West Peak (highest peak ) and take the cable car down at the East Peak for about 4-5 hours.

Route B: For those have limited energy you can take the cable car up and down at the West Peak (2 hours)

Note: Suggest you take some fast food, snacks and water by yourself for quick lunch.

Day 3Hangyang Tomb - City Wall - Bell Tower & Drum Tower

Take around 1 hour to Hangyang Tomb, explore Hangyang Tomb in the morning, which is also called “JingDi's Tomb”. It is located near the airport about 30km north of Xian City. This is a burial sight for Emperor Jingdi and his wife Empress Wangzhi. This tomb could be dated back to 2,100 years ago. It is the only underground museum in China.

Dine at the local Chinese restaurant.

Afternoon, go ahead to visit 2 city attractions - City Wall and Bell Tower & Bell Tower

City Wall, one of the best preserved walls all around China with a history over 600 years, dividing the whole Xi'an city into two parts, including the inner city known as the old town and the outer city. This city wall goes all around with a perimeter about 13.7km (8.5 miles), the four major city gates, guard houses, battlements are still perfectly preserved, you may climb to the top of the wall to have a very relaxing walk to have a spectacular view of the old town inside the wall, or you can even do biking on the top of the wall (optional: by your own expense), feeling the very tender wind blowing over your face to get a smooth touch of the history back to the Ming dynasty.

The Bell Tower and Drum Tower are the symbols of Xi'an as they were built in the very center of the city about 600 years ago. The area has been turned into Xi'an commercial district, and a lot of shopping can be done in the area. It is all beautifully designed and landscaped. 

Hotel or anywhere as you requested drop off at the tour end.

Book Price

Group SizeAdult(Age:8-80) Price/p.pChild(Age:4-7) Price/p.pInfant(Age:0-3) Price/p.p
1 Number $ 825 $ 190 Free
2 Number $ 505 $ 190 Free
3 Number $ 415 $ 190 Free
4 Number $ 320 $ 190 Free
5 Number $ 300 $ 190 Free
6 Number $ 290 $ 190 Free
7 Number $ 270 $ 190 Free
8 Number $ 250 $ 200 Free
9 Number $ 230 $ 190 Free
10 Number $ 225 $ 190 Free


  • English-speaking tour guide service fee

  • Air-conditioned vehicle with a private driver

  • Gas, toll & parking lot fees

  • All entrance tickets to the sights listed above


  • Accommodations

  • All meals

  • Return ropeway on Mt. HuaShan

  • Shuttle bus fee at Mt. HuaShan

  • Gratuity to the guide and driver 

  • Personal costs

Trip Notes

  • The quoted price is for an 8-hour tour per day. If you use more than 6 hours or less than 8 hours per day it will still be considered a full day.

  • Additional hours are billed at 50CNY to 100CNY for the guide and 50CNY to 100CNY for the driver.

  • Pls note that the itinerary is flexible and we can adjust it according to your personal interests, the weather or any unexpected conditions.

  • For the lunch of on day 1 and day 3, we will take you to the authentic Chinese local restaurant catering for the locals. The guide will assist you to order some dishes and you can share the lunch with the guide and cover the lunch by your own cost. On day 2, you can take some fast food, snacks and water by yourself for quick lunch.

  • We conduct only private tour but not group tour and won’t mix you with others.

  • Our tours are complete non-forced shopping tour and we won’t take you to any factories without request to waste your valuable time.

  • One way ropeway to North Peak on Mt. Huashan is 80CNY per-person and one way ropeway to West Peak on Mt. Huashan is 140CNY per-person, you can choose the rout and cover the tickets by your own cost, thanks.