In two days, you will explore the varied landscape of the Great Wall in a fun and informative way. Day hikes from Jiankou to Mutianyu will allow you to experience finest scenery, stay overnight at guesthouse to allow time for rest, relaxation and also to enhance your experience. The next day, enjoy an uncrowded adventurous hike to see the Great Wall at Gubeikou, and a day to remember for the rest of your life. Pass through Spider Valley, take a detour through military land, listen to fantastic Great Wall history, and get best views from seating at 24 window tower.


  • Enjoy the hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu, the wild and restored section of the Great Wall and take amazing pictures;

  • Explore the true wilderness of Gubeikou Great Wall in an informative and easy way;

  • Maximize your time in the wildness and enjoy an uncrowded hiking adventure;

  • Take great photos at some amazing view spot;

  • Enjoy farm style lunches at a local family running restaurant;

  • Stay overnight at guesthouse to enhance your experience;


Day 1Beijing- Jiankou – Mutianyu – Gubeikou

7:30 Pick up from your hotel.

The adventure begins at Xizhazi village–587m /1926ft above sea level. Once you leave the village, the hike is a decent uphill to reach the ruined tower-Zhengbeilou–830m / 2723ft above sea level. On the half way to Zhengbeikou, your guide will take you on a short nature walk to explore the less Potala, a broken tower where you will capture the best scenery landscape views of Jiankou. Take your time and enjoy views.

After a short break continue on Zhengbeikou. At the top, the hard part is now behind you. You will be rewarded with spectacular panorama of Jiankou and true nature of Jiankou basin. Afterwards, you will walk eastwards to Mutianyu. There are a few vertical climbs and scrambles along the way. Due to the overgrown bushes, you have to walk along the very edge, quite high above the ground.

After passing through many towers along the way, you'll reach Ox Horn Edge–a dangerous section looks like Ox Horn Edge in shape – 101m / 3317ft above sea level. From there take a forest detour past a campsite in the bush, with tracks to walk through and gives you the feel of being close to nature. Going through the bush takes about 10 minutes then you will walk on Jiankou again. From there it's a short walk to the fully restored Mutianyu.

It's a sharp contrast between the restored one and ruined one. When ending up at tower 14 of Mutianyu, There are three options: (1) sit back and let the cable car take you down to the exit from tower 14, usually takes about 8 minutes; (2) walk down from tower 14 to 10 where you can get off Mutianyu then walk down the hill trail to reach the exit, usually takes 1.5 hours; (3)continue walking until reach tower 6 then going down by the toboggan /lift chair. As the track is very easy to follow, if you choose option 3, your guide will meet you at the exit of toboggan /lift chair so you can enjoy the additional hike on your own.

Enjoy a tasty lunch at Mutianyu before 2 hours drive to Gubeikou where a hot shower, comfortable beds, a yummy dinner at local farmers' guesthouse are waiting.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2Gubeikou – Jinshanling – Beijing

Wake to the tranquillity of Gubeikou and after breakfast your adventure begins gently at Gubeikou village with a short climb up to a broken tower. Walk eastward and enjoy plenty of photography stops before you reach General Tower. From there you will capture the true nature of Gubeikou mountain.

After 1 hour's gradually climbing through several towers, then you will reach 24 window tower. At here, a large part of the wall belongs to the military area. You will descend into the basins of the Spider Valley. From here it is a gentle walk through the corn fields to the hilly trail.

Along the way you will pass through an abandoned house, complete with a well and a mid-sized water store in the middle of the Valley. Going through the hilly trail in 1.5 hours then walk back to the wall - Jinshanling west. After a short climb you will reach West five window Tower. Here you can sit in the tower and gaze down the spider valley.

You'll get off the wall at the renowned Zhuanduokou. Enjoy a yummy farm style lunch at Bakeshiying town then your vehicle will take you back to Beijing.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Book Price

Group SizeAdult(Age:8-80) Price/p.pChild(Age:4-7) Price/p.pInfant(Age:0-3) Price/p.p
1 Number $ 700 $ 200 Free
2 Number $ 425 $ 200 Free
3 Number $ 355 $ 200 Free
4 Number $ 320 $ 200 Free
5 Number $ 295 $ 200 Free
6 Number $ 280 $ 200 Free
7 Number $ 267 $ 200 Free
8 Number $ 250 $ 200 Free
9 Number $ 235 $ 200 Free
10 Number $ 225 $ 200 Free


  • English-speaking tour guide service fee

  • Air-conditioned vehicle with a private driver

  • Gas, toll & parking lot fees

  • Delicious lunch in a local Chinese restaurant for the 2 days tour

  • One local dinner and breakfast at farmers house

  • All entrance tickets to the sights listed above

  • One night accommodation at farmers' guest house. 


  • Gratuity to the guide and driver

  • Accommodations in Beijing 

  • Personal costs

  • Cable car on Jinshanling section Great Wall

Trip Notes

  • The quoted price is for an 8-hour tour per day.

  • Additional hours are billed at 50CNY to 100CNY for the guide and 50CNY to 100CNY for the driver.

  • Please note that the itinerary is flexible and we can adjust it according to your personal interests, the weather or any unexpected conditions.

  • For the lunch, we will take you to the authentic Chinese local restaurant catering for the locals, away from tourists. If you prefer to take a lunch in a fancy restaurant then you can just cover the cost difference above our budget.

  • We conduct only private tour but not group tour and won’t mix you with others.

  • Our tours are complete non-forced shopping tour and we won’t take you to any factories without request to waste your valuable time.