Catherine Lu - Founder

Catherine Lu was born in Suzhou, a very beautiful water-town nearby Shanghai.

When she was young, she was full of energy and used to be a long-distance runner. 

Catherine loves traveling, as she has a warm and sweet character she enjoys making friends with people from all over the world.

20 years ago, she moved to Beijing and settled her home in this city. She started to work as a tour guide since 2006, and has been working in this area more than 13 years. She is very passionate about her job and has a strong willing to share and communicate with her guests. In addition to being bilingual, she also has extensive knowledge about the various traditions and heritage sites present within China.

She is also a mother of two kids and knows how to take care of her guests' needs and makes them feel comfortable in their trips. Because of her engaging and accommodating service, she left a great impression to all her guests. People started to leave her great reviews on TripAdvisor, which brought a big growth of reservations. Then she decided to build her tour guide team and founded her own Tours Company in 2010 in Beijing. 

All the team is led and trained by Catherine herself, with the purpose to offer outstanding service and bring the guests enjoyment and comfort on their journey. 

Catherine Lu