Sichuan is not only the gateway to Tibet, but also the second largest Tibetan area in China. For those who plan a trip to Tibet, this half day tour gives a good opportunity to experience the culture shock by walking around Tibetan Quarter nearby Wuhou Temple. Qingyanggong Taoist Temple is the largest Taoist location in downtown Chengdu, and understanding Taoism is one of the most efficient ways to dive into Chinese culture as it plays an important role in shaping Chinese ethics, societal frameworks and aesthetics.


  • Learn about Taoism by visiting the largest Taoist location in Chengdu;

  • Visit Tibetan Quarter to gain knowledge of Tibetan culture;

  • Walk through Jinli old Street and discover the local interesting stores;


Day 1Chengdu Half Day Walk to Experience Chinese Taoism and Tibetan Culture

8:45-09:00am: Meet at Qingyanggong Taoist Temple

You will be met by your guide at the gate of Qingyanggong. The guide will hold your name sign then it's easy to recognize him/her.

9:00-10:00am: Qingyanggong Taoist Temple Tour                   

Chengdu is a dynamic city – some people say it is the fastest growing city in the world! Skyscrapers and shopping centers are being built up quickly everywhere in the city. However, there are still some peaceful places left, where you can rest your stressed soul. One of them is Qingyang Temple – the place where Laozi is to be said that he spoke the Tao Te King (also: Dao De Jing 道德经) to one of his disciples, which is one of the main books (besides the famous I Ching/Yi Jing 易经) of Daoism. Learn about Taoism by visiting the largest Taoist location in Chengdu and freshen your knowledge of Taoism both as a religion and an ancient philosophy.

10:00-13:00pm: A Taster of Tibet - Tibetan Quarter Visit

Known as Little Lhasa, Chengdu's colorful Tibetan quarter is as close as one can get to Tibet without traveling to the remote Sichuan countryside or crossing the border to Tibet itself. Wander down Wuhouci Heng Jie, directly opposite Wuhou Temple, and take in the sights: monks wrapped in maroon robes counting beads behind their backs, vendors selling yak butter on the street, and shop after shop of Tibetan Buddhist religious icons, prayer flags and wheels, tapestries, incense, wildly patterned leather boots, and beads of every hue, size and price.

We will not only walk around this Tibetan Quarter, but also taste Tibetan food like yak meat, drink yak butter tea, together with a Tibetan culture demonstration by our guide.

13:00-14:00pm: Jinli Old Street Tour

Just outside Wuhou Temple is Jinli Street, a narrow street of shops, restaurants and craft stalls. The architecture of this quaint pedestrian street mirrors the Qing Dynasty style of the temple making it one of the most popular Chengdu places of interest.

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  • Entrance fee to Qingyanggong Taoist Temple

  • Taxi to different places

  • Tibetan yak tea taste

  • An English speaking guide

  • Tibetan lunch in the local restaurant

  • Bottled water


  • Transfer service to the start point and back to your hotel

  • Tips to guide

  • Personal costs

Trip Notes

  • The quoted price is for a 6-hour tour per day.

  • It is a soft walk if you choose to walk up the mountain to visit the Buddha, a pair of comfortable walking shoes is necessary.

  • Vegetarian food is possible, if you have any food allergy, please tell us ahead of time before booking this tour.