East Qing Tombs is an outstanding representative and the most characteristic imperial tombs of all federal dynasties of China. It is the last but the existing largest and most intact feudal imperial tombs in China with altogether 15 tombs (5 emperor tombs, 4 empress tombs, 5 concubine tombs and 1 princess tomb) containing the remains of emperors, empresses, concubines and princesses of Qing Dynasty (1636-1911).

Construction of the East Qing Tombs began in 1661, last for 247 years and finally completed in 1908. With the oldest one built about 350 years ago, East Qing Tombs reflects a complete evolution of mausoleum system as well as the history of Qing dynasty.


  • Visit the World Cultural Heritage with centuries-old history;

  • Visit the last but the existing largest and most intact feudal imperial tombs in China;

  • Enjoy the less touristic view of the Qing Tombs;


Day 1East Qing Tombs One-Day Private Tour

It's about 2 to 2.5-hours ride from the Beijing city to the East Qing Tombs.

The last Dynasty Qing is ruled by Manchurians from north eastern China. Their tombs are designed to overcome the splendor of the previous dynasty Ming. The stone carvings and Tibetan Buddhism reflection in the tomb of the most influential Emperor Qianlong, the unimaginable luxury in the bomb of notorious but most powerful woman Dowager Cixi, and the massive tomb robbery by warlords in1920's brought it to everyone's attention.

Longer distance than the Ming Tombs make it less visited so you will enjoy the peaceful time reading the history.

Book Price

Group SizeAdult(Age:8-80) Price/p.pChild(Age:4-7) Price/p.pInfant(Age:0-3) Price/p.p
1 Number $ 305 $ 40 Free
2 Number $ 175 $ 40 Free
3 Number $ 140 $ 40 Free
4 Number $ 115 $ 40 Free
5 Number $ 105 $ 40 Free
6 Number $ 100 $ 40 Free
7 Number $ 95 $ 40 Free
8 Number $ 85 $ 40 Free
9 Number $ 80 $ 40 Free
10 Number $ 78 $ 40 Free


  • English-speaking tour guide service fee

  • Air-conditioned vehicle with a private driver

  • Gas, toll & parking lot fee

  • Entrance ticket to East Qing Tombs


  • Accommodations

  • Meals 

  • Gratuity to the guide and driver

  • Personal costs

Trip Notes

  • The quoted price is for an 8-hour tour. If you use more than 6 hours or less than 8 hours per day it will still be considered a full day.

  • Additional hours are billed at 50CNY to 100CNY for the guide and 50CNY to 100CNY for the driver.

  • Please note that the itinerary is flexible and we can adjust it according to your personal interests, the weather or any unexpected conditions.

  • There are no good restaurants near the Tombs, only some village restaurants nearby which are not very tasty and clean enough, we suggest you'd better prepare some fast food or snack for lunch by your own in advance.