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Holiday destinations are designed for you to enjoy the time with family, explore the exotic places and take back awesome memories. However, if you want to visit the culturally enriched China, then you can depend on?Catherine Lu Tours?for a fun filled experience.

Online travel agency?Catherine Lu Tours?makes holidaying in?Beijing, Shanghai or Xi’an?a very exciting time with its warm welcome and quick response. In a place where the language barrier can make a difference, this tour operator based in Beijing will ensure that the spirit of the holiday is intact throughout your trip.

Running this successful tour consultancy is founder?Catherine Lu?and?her team?that make your journey interesting and comfortable. Add in the fact that she has in-depth knowledge about the various traditional and heritage sites of China and is bilingual makes her one of the most sought after online travel agencies from across the world.

Catherine Lu Tours?has personalised packages depending on the group of people and the tourist spots that you would like to visit in China. You can take day trips in Beijing or enjoy the glimpse of the markets and historical buildings or even go on Hutong explorations. If you are staying for a longer period, you can go for excursion trips to charming Cuandixia Village or the Eastern Qing Tombs and Manchurian village.

If you are in China for a holiday and have not visited the Great Wall of China, then you are missing the essence of the Chinese culture.?Catherine Lu Tours?takes you for a walk over this immense wonder of the world.

Apart from the Capital, you also can explore Shanghai city, soak up the feel of the life there, and visit the museum as well as the famous water village. You can also add Xi’an to your places to visit. Catherine Lu Tours will take you to its famous historical sites where you can witness the charm of China in its earlier days.

While most travel agencies charge quite a lot for guiding your way through China, Catherine Lu Tours focuses on how to make your experience special in the most reasonable rates. You can connect with the team by chatting, calling and shooting an email with your enquiries.

If you are looking for quality time with your loved ones, exploring the culture and traditions of China with the guidance of?Catherine Lu Tours?can be an experience of a lifetime.”

Please feel free to contact Catherine at book@catherinelutours.com?or catherinelutours@gmail.com?with questions to help you better plan your trip in China. You’ll receive an Email response within 24 hours.