"Excellent Service!"

 Clients: Rima Kirwan
 Nationality: Australia

Hi Catherine

We had a really good trip to Beijing and were happy to be able to see all the wonderful sights. Your colleagues were also very good guides, we especially took a shining to James. James was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable on the history and facts of all the places we visited. His English is very good and he was very helpful in recommending good places to eat, especially since I am a vegetarian. He is very kind and easy to get along with.

Rima Kirwan

"We are very happy with your arrangement"

 Clients: Cathy Gonzalez & John
 Nationality: America

Thank you for providing us with an excellent tour of Bejing.? Amanda was a delight and we enjoyed spending 3 days with her.

She arrived promptly every morning, was pleasant and cheerful, and tried very hard to please us. For instance, I wanted to go to the Pearl Market and we were able to do that easily after theTempleofHeaven.

Amanda speaks beautiful English….we never had a difficult time understanding her.?

She explained everything very clearly and has an amazing knowledge of your history and culture.? We now understand many of the meanings of the symbols used in Chinese art and culture.

The driver whom you sent to pick us up at the airport when we arrived was easy to find.? His sign was clear & he showed us quickly to the car & got us to the Park Plaza Hotel with no problems.

When we went to the Great Wall the driver was also very good……I think that the price for the car for the day was a little high, but we were comfortable.? We also enjoyed the experience of riding the subway.? Taxis were sometimes difficult to find and of course traffic always very slow.

Overall, I would highly recommend your service.? I cannot imagine how we could have see so much and found the many interesting sites without a guide.?

I will highly recommend you on Tripadvisor when I return to theUSand will send you some photos directly…..not on the website.

?Cathy Gonzalez


"I have a wonderful trip in Beijing!"

 Clients: Ignacio Morfin
 Nationality: Mexican

Hi Catherine,

Our visit to China was great and we did really enjoy it.

Most of the service was very good. Amanda was very nice and she did provide a professional service. Her knowledge and language skills was good. I was very satisfied with her service and the restaurants were good.

I also enjoyed the transfers from hotel to airport (the drivers were well experienced, I would prefer someone driving defensively if you know what I mean), however the driver we had for our tour was not necessarily as experienced but he was very kind!.

Generally I will rate the tour as 5 and I will recommend it to my friends visiting China.

Thanks again for all the support and service provided. BTW, service from Xian was also very professional and good.



 Clients: George Mychaskiw
 Nationality: America

Catherine was not available, but sent Amanda. We had a wonderful experience in the 3 days we spent in Beijing. Amanda was friendly, accommodating and spoke English well. The whole experience was well coordinated, from pick up at the airport at 5 in the morning to drop-off three days later. I strongly recommend Catherine and her guides.

"The MUST HAVE guide for Beijing"

 Nationality: Indonesia

On June 2012, we, a group of family of 13 with kids, teenagers and even two 75 years old grandmother ( one with back problem and the other with knee problem) , travel to Beijing and spend 4 nights there. We choose Catherine based on the great review she got on TA. And we are the living proof that those great reviews she had are REAL and TRUE.

On the night of arrival, our connecting flight from Hong Kong got delayed twice; the first one is due to queuing for take off (about 1 hour or so ). The second is when we are already in the air on our way to Beijing and there’s some issue of waiting for the clearance to fly in certain area. As we already know, the military control the air traffic in Mainland China, so we literally flying in circle for about 1 hour to wait for the clearance to pass that area.
After landing, right after switching on our smartphones, we got email saying that since we have not yet arrive as scheduled ( which is not our fault anyway), the hotel has to let go our booking. You can image how frustrated we are because at 23.00pm you got 13 people with no place to sleep.

So, in hoping that Cathy is not yet asleep, I called her and ask her to clarify the situation with the hotel and 10 minutes later, Cathy called and everything is OK, we still got all the room with specific details arrangement as we requested earlier. Nicely done , considering we have previously agreed that she will not be there to pick us up, because the driver can do that already.

During the tour, Cathy can get along very well with all the member of the groups. It is difficult to lead a group with diverse pace such as our family. You have to address the needs of adventures for the kids and teenagers, be very helpful to the parents.

More, you have to be very patient and understanding with the 2 grandmothers who had a slow pace in walking, with their every 10 minutes break to sit, and yet both still want to see everything. Not to mentioned her prompt action in finding my brother who got lost in Summer Palace….. Good Job Cathy !

She has the courtesy with enough leadership ability to keep the group moving along very well without being stressed out and exhausted or even bored to move from 1 site to another …. Not an easy job to do … And Cathy did an excellent job on it!!

Words just can’t describe the great time we have in Beijing with her ?? The kids loves her, and the teenagers feels at ease chatting with her…….

Me, my husband and all the parents are very thank full for her and the grandmothers misses he and still talk about her all the time. We have great time in Beijing and Catherine is the ingredients that make it all possible.

"Thank you very much for your arrangement!"

 Clients: Violeta Blagoeva & Harprit Singh
 Nationality: Bulgarian and German

Dear Catherine,

We had a great time in Beijing, and were very happy with Maggie – she was very accommodating, and was happy to answer all the questions we had for her. Her English is excellent, we had absolutely no communication issues. In general we thought Maggie is very friendly and helpful, with a good sense of humor, and a pleasure to be around.

She recommended and booked a dinner for us in Da Dong – we liked the restaurant so much that we ended up going there three nights in a row!

The driver was also very friendly, and we found the transport service good.

Thank you again for arranging the trip, and we hope to be back in Beijingin the not too distant future.

?Kind regards!

"What a Great Tour in Beijing!"

 Clients: Leonardo Silveira do Sul Ferreira
 Nationality: British/Brazilian

Hi Catherine,

I have to say that I’m really impressed by the quality and professionalism of your services.?

Since my first e-mail to you the reply was always very quick and the information provided precise and helpfull. The driver was very good, polite, well presented, always on time, ready to stay with us as long as we needed, the car was clean and comfortable, the child seats were also new and clean and the correct type for the ages and weight, and he was also a safe driver.

The tour guide that you recommended, Maggie was simply brilliant ! She was also very polite, always on time, well presented, good natured and also ready to stay with us as long as we needed. She spoke very good english and she was very informative during the tours and quite flexible to organize and tailor the days to suit our needs.?

The restaurants that she suggested were also very good, we loved Dadong !! We went to China as a birthday present to my son, he wanted to go to China, Maggie was very caring and patient with him and gave him a lot of attention, he adored her, and to top it all off, on the last day she left a surprise present to our son on the Van which made him super happy and us too for this personnal touch.

I have to say that if I ever go back toBeijingI would for sure use your services again and I would also request Maggie as the guide, she deserves a big 5 !!

Thanks for the amazing service that you provided to us, we really enjoyed our trip toBeijing!

?Leonardo Ferreira

"Thank you for your arrangement!"

 Clients: Denise and George Ponchak
 Nationality: America

Hi Catherine,

We just arrived home.? After Beijing, we were inTianjin, Xi’an andLhasa.?Maggie was an excellent tour guide.? She arrived on time, showed us all the sights we requested and was extremely flexible with us.? She went at our speed and never appeared tired.? She has excellent English and was very pleasant to be with.? It was clear she was proud of her country and knowledgeable about the history.??I hope to return to Beijing next April and will definitely book with you (and Maggie) again.?

Sincerely, Denise

"We had a great time in Beijing with Maggie!"

 Clients: Candice Cooper and Hamza Rouissi
 Nationality: America

Hi Catherine,

Our trip toChinawas amazing. ?We had a fantastic time. Maggie was a wonderful tour guide. ?She was knowledgeable about each place that we went to. ?My husband and I asked so many questions and even had a few special requests and she handled them all flawlessly. ?She was really the key to making our trip so memorable. ?I honestly feel like I walked away with a new friend.

Her English is great. We had no problems understanding each other.

She had a positive attitude and took all of our requests in stride. ?She was punctual each morning and made sure that we had our itinerary properly planned each day

She had a great expanse of knowledge in terms of history but also provided us with great insights into the cultural and daily life of Chinese people.

The driver to the Great Wall was fine no problems. All the restaurants that she chose were lovely. ?We don’t eat pork and she made sure to check each item that we ordered for us with the restaurant to make sure we didn’t get any. ?Not a bad experience in any of her choices.

"Linda was an excellent guide!"

 Clients: Carole Ann Wagstaff
 Nationality: UK

Based on Trip Advisor reviews I contacted Catherine for a two day tour in Beijing. Her replies were speedy and efficient, and though she wasn’t available, she agreed to send James – I’d read reviews about James so was happy. In the event, our guide was Linda – it would have been good to know in advance that we weren’t getting James, but Linda turned out to be superb! We spent a fabulous 2 days seeing all the usual sights (including going to the Olympic Birds Nest stadium, which thrilled my husband!), and were impressed by Linda’s English and her knowledge. She is extremely knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humour. She took us to good (but very reasonable!) restaurants on both days, and never once to anywhere where she would have received an extra commission! I would recommend Linda without hesitation.