"A Great Day!"

 Clients: Peter Taylor
 Nationality: Australia

Catherine had been recommended by friends but she wasn’t available. No problem, she sent Joey. We couldn’t have seen all the things we needed to see in such a short space of time if we hadn’t had Joey to guide us. He was a great mix of info and humour and his English was great. We’re all quite adventurous eaters so Joey led us to a great little restaurant in the Hutongs where we dined on stir fried 5 different types of flowers amongst other interesting and authentic dishes. I would recommend Joey/Catherine to all.

"Thank you very much for your arrangement!"

 Clients: Winnie Dao
 Nationality: America

Dear Catherine

My family had a great day at the great wall today. Joey & Mr. Driver are very friendly & accommodating . We will sure use your service next time we are inBeijingagain !

Catherine , could you refer me to a tour guide in xian in case I decide to hire one?

Thank you!?


"Great Days in Beijing!"

 Clients: Myka Wong
 Nationality: Signpore

My friends and I (all aged 23 and females) decided at the very last minute to jump on TripAdvisor to organise tours during our stay in Beijing. We received an extremely quick response from Catherine who advised us she was unfortunately already booked out but did manage to get her associates James and Steven to guide us during our 3 day tour.

Both James and Steven’s English was fantastic. They were more than happy to answer all our questions regarding the history of China and their knowledge was endless. We also felt that it was that one step of a better tour as we were able to get to know a little about them as well. It was amazing to see that our well being was of a major concern which was fantastic as the sites were quite heavily populated during July. The drivers were very punctual and would always arrive to the exact locations that we were waiting at. The restaurants that they took us were a delight to eat at and we felt they represented China’s food in the most delicious way possible!

The most memorable experience was day 2, where we did the hiking tour from Jiankou wall to the Mutianyu wall. This started off at the wild wall section, meaning it was not restored and stayed true to its age and then ended the hike on a renovated part of the wall. The hour (roughly) hike up to the great wall was the most difficult part but was most certainly an experience I would never take back. Steven was ever so patient with us and would constantly check if we needed to take a rest (which was many times). He was always shooting positive feedback to us which motivated us to reach the first watch tower. When we eventually made it, the view was breathtaking! The entire walk was worth all the sweat simply because of the memories! Everywhere you turned it was a picture perfect moment.

I can honestly say I will be leaving China with great memories and will be leaving new found friends behind. I highly recommend Catherine’s touring services and in particular Steven if you are wanting to experience the best of China, Beijing.

"Highly Recommended!!"

 Clients: Vyna Nguyen
 Nationality: America

I contacted Catherine?about her services and was not disappointed! Catherine was very efficient with responding to emails and price requests.
Unfortunately Catherine was not available for the dates I had requested, but recommended her colleague Steven, who was absolutely fantastic!

Steven was full of information, about the sites, the history and all sorts! He was very patient, recommended great places to eat and shop!

He was my tour guide for 1 day in Beijing city & also a day with private driver & car to see the Eastern Qing Tombs, both Steven & the driver were great!

I can not recommend them enough. When I do return to Beijing, I will definitely be requesting the services of Catherine and/or Steven again.

"“Great tour and definitely worth it!"

 Clients: Tommy Haskul
 Nationality: America

Just returned from Beijing and I have to say that I really enjoyed the 3 days that I booked using Catherine’s guide services. Unfortunately she was not available, so her colleague Steven was sent to assist us.

Steven was very thorough and answered everything we wanted to know about Beijing. I’ve never taken private tours before and was a little bit skeptical. Steven was very easy going and was flexible with our schedule. Never once did feel rushed at a site.

Steven also gave us a lot of useful tips and suggestions. He took us to all the local restaurants and tried different kinds of Chinese cuisines. Whatever he ordered was delicious!

I’m planning to go back to Beijing with another group of friends and will use Catherine’s service again.

Thanks for a memorable trip!!

"Thank you very much for your arrangement!"

 Clients: Teresa and Robert Cafaro
 Nationality: America

Dear Catherine,

Our day in Beijing was excellent as this was our first time ever with a personal tour guide, and Steven was superb. ?He was prompt, courteous,highly knowledgeable and could not have done more to meet our needs and wishes. ?The restaurant he recommended was wonderful as my wife said it has been one of our best meals so far inBeijing. ?He is also a wonderful photographer and was very skilled at taking pictures with our smart phones. ?We feel the best part of our day with Steven was his recommendation to use the subway at rush hour to avoid a lengthy traffic delay. ?Using the subway system in a foreign country can be intimidating, but Steven patiently taught us how to use the Beijing system and we have been using it every day since. ?We even plan to use it to get to the airport when we leave Beijing on June 4.?

We?rate Steven excellence?for his wonderful service as our tour guide and give the same high marks for our driver. ?Our plans are to be back inBeijingin May of 2012 and we will be in touch about using your services again at that time.??

Sincerely, ?

Bob & Teresa Cafaro

"Excellent Service!"

 Clients: Roy Graves
 Nationality: America

James had a good command of the English language.? He was not afraid to try a word and then take correction from us if he had it wrong.

James was very aware of our safety and our comfort.? When we were tired, he stopped.? When we were hungry, he stopped and arranged for food and drink.? He told us where to stand for the best viewing and he took many pictures of us with our camera.? We were never rushed and he gave us a little privacy when we were quietly talking between me and Roy.? We enjoyed the fact that he knew about theUnited Statesand was able to make knowledgeable comparisons between the countries and cultures.

James was very knowledgeable about all of the dynasties and politics and facts about when things were built and all the important Chinese dates.? I especially appreciated learning about the cultural norms, customs and beliefs of the Chinese people.

The driver was very quiet, as I believe he did not know any English or he did not use any English with us.? He was polite and very prompt.? The car was perfectly clean and looked and smelled good.? His driving skills were amazing!

We ate in a hutong restaurant and really appreciated both the food and the hospitality. On the second day we ate at a “western” restaurant, and that was a nice change of pace, too.

"My trip to Beijing was fantastic!"

 Clients: Ms. Christiane Fruehe
 Nationality: German

Hello Catherine:

My trip to Beijing was fantastic and large part of its success goes to James. James brought a lot of positive energy to the tour and it was very relaxing traveling with him. He was very knowledgeable on the cultural sites and provided information which kept the tour interesting. Both choices for lunch were excellent local places that offered food that was reasonably priced and delicious. James asked me if I would be interested in trying local places that were not touristy, I said was very interested and both places ( the 2 nd on recommended by the driver ) were perfect choices. The driver to the Great Wall was efficient , pleasant and calm, we was a bit quiet but he drove us to all the locations on time and comfortably. He spoke very little English but he always greeted us with a smile. I felt very comfortable with him. Thanks again for helping to make my experience in Beijing the highlight of my trip to China.

"We had a great trip in Beijing!"

 Clients: Elizabeth Wishall
 Nationality: America

Dear Catherine,

We had a great trip in Beijing! James was excellent! We would give him a 5 on everything! His English is excellent! His knowledge is excellent! He was very patient with us. He chose very good restaurants and helped us order! He has a great sense of humor and we very much enjoyed him. The itinerary was also good. The drivers were good, especially our first one- he picked us up at the airport and drove us to the Great Wall. This driver was our favorite. The other driver was okay but his driving was not the best. He seemed to become impatient easily with the other cars and even with us. But he was okay. He is the one who drove us to the airport- no problems.

Once again, James is excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed him!!! Please tell him this. We gave him a tip but I hope it was enough- dealing in your currency was a little confusing at times, so I hope we adequately showed him our appreciation.

Thank you again.????

Beth Wishall

"Great Job!"

 Clients: Stephanie Joe
 Nationality: San Francisco, California

James?was a wonderful tour guide. His strengths were that he was prompt, attentive and flexible. He had a wonderful easy going personality and was amenable to our changing needs. We traveled with our 3 kids ages: 13 yrs. 12 yrs and 8 yrs old.

My youngest one was suffering from Jet lag from the 12 ?hour flight fromCaliforniaand James was very accommodating. He asked the driver to drop part of our group off at the hotel and take the others to the next site. He did this in a very professional manner.

Also,?James was happy to go at the speed that we wanted to when we visited the sights. If the crowds were overwhelming, he was happy to go more quickly and if we wanted to linger he was more than happy to allow us more time.

He exhibited good knowledge of all the sights, was happy to answer our many questions and was extremely helpful.