"The Best of Beijing"

 Clients: John Tepe
 Nationality: Britain

Touring with Catherine was an excellent experience, from start to finish. She worked with us from the very early planning of our journey to the very end, arranging two and a half days of touring, an airport pickup, and advice and contacts for guides Xi’an. Catherine’s knowledge of Chinese history and culture is thorough and she is happy to give you as much or as little information and insight as you please. We travelled to all the major sites with her (Tiannamen Square, the Forbidden City, Hutongs, Parks…) and got a real taste for normal Beijing life by visiting non-tourist restaurants and riding the bus. Catherine is very flexible and is willing to tailor everything to her clients’ needs, and is willing to adjust a tour on the fly. She can structure a day for you if you aren’t sure what to do, or she can follow a plan you have already made.

Given the high quality of her tours, Catherine isn’t always available; however she does have a network of guides and drivers and can usually accommodate you. We added an extra day to our tours and Catherine arranged a great day for us with her colleague Joey, who took us through the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven.

Professionally speaking, Catherine provides detailed invoices for costs and expenses and will met you at your hotel (or another meeting point of your choice) precisely on time, if not early. She can arrange train, excursion, and arts/theatre tickets for you. Everything is 100% transparent.

Catherine is well known and respected amongst guides in Beijing. Book early to avoid disappointment!

"Best time in Beijing"

 Clients: Winnie Tam
 Nationality: Canada

We visited Beijing for four days during the first week in August 2012 and booked Catherine for 2 of those days as our guide. We started working with Catherine at least 6 months before the trip. We told her what we wanted to see and what other recommendations she might have for us, from which we developed an itinerary for our two days. She took care of our train tickets to Xi’an for us. She also arranged a driver for us to go to the Great Wall on our last day there and made sure that he took us to a great restaurant for lunch.

Catherine is nothing but professional. She arrived at our hostel on time, provided us with stories about Beijing and China was we drove from place to place and ensured that there was always water available for us. She made sure we never over paid for services and booked us great tickets for the Kung Fu show. Catherine took us to fantastic local Chinese restaurants, serving local specialties at a very good price. She took us to the antique market (great place to take pictures) and the pearl market (much quieter that the silk market) and made sure we always got a fair price on what we bought.

By the end of our tour, Catherine was not only a great guide, we now consider her a family friend. I would highly recommend Catherine to anyone I know that is going to Beijing, knowing that they will have a great time with Catherine as their guide.

"Personable, Friendly, Very Good!"

 Clients: Jeff Brunski
 Nationality: California, USA.

Catherine did a great job showing me and my wife around – took car of meals, getting taxis, bus rides, schedule, itinerary…totally worth the money…great value…was very interesting and informative. Didn’t leave anything to be desired. Dropped us off at the end of the day at the acrobat show, which was really cool, and though her work was done, her friend stuck around to find us a taxi after the show and basically threw himself on the hood of passing taxis trying to get us a ride. Incredible.

"Very very Good!"

 Clients: Ariel Klein
 Nationality: Italy

We spent 3 day in Beijing and based on the positive reviews on tripadvisor we have booked Catherine.
The program she prepared for us was very detailed and included all we wanted to do/see and more.
Great choice of Mutyanu great wall section as it turned to be the less crowded one ( and crowded in China, means VERY crowded) with the added value of the fun toboga ride vs the chair lift.
Catherine is extremely well organized, super punctual and knows beijing as her pockets.
Highly recommended

"Our Family trip to Bejing in Summer 2012 is great!"

 Clients: Lydia C. Hsieh
 Nationality: America

We are a family of 10 persons with four kids raning in age from less than 2 years, five, eight and 10 to two adults and two seniors. We ourselves have multiple opions on our sightseeing and restaurant choices as each person has different desire or need. Baby has stroller, naps, and nursing issue and kids need time for indoor swimming, adults need to take care of kids and seniors have to worry about their own strength. Overall, everyone wants to rest in the afternoon and go out for evening shows when possible. Catherine did a superb job in coordinating with all of us on sightseeing and foods and arranging multiple evening tickets for our enjoyment. Young and old are all very satisifed and happy. We would recommend Catherine to any age group.

"We had a great hiking day!"

 Clients: Matthew John Nardotti
 Nationality: America

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I just got home and doing this from the computer was easier than from my phone.
The tour was absolutely wonderful and Joey was very great.? He was funny, his command of English was quite good, he had loads of interesting information that he was able to share, and he was very thoughtful when my friend was struggling to make it up to the mountain to the first part of the wall.? I would give the tour a 5 star rating for sure.? The three of us were very pleased.? The restaurant was also very good and it definitely hit the spot.


"Catherine is amazing!"

 Clients: Emila Damjanovic
 Nationality: America

A friend of mine put me in touch with Catherine when I first started planning the trip, she was beyond helpful and accommodating with so many different things that I needed to do/change.

Catherine booked a 1 day tour of Beijing (Tianamen Square/Forbidden City/Temple of Heaven and the Hutongs) for us (it was with her?guide Amanda) and she helped us book our tour of the Great Wall. There is a long story with which I won’t bore you, BUT I made a mistake and missed one of our appointments and Catherine was so patient and generous to rebook and make sure that we got to see what we wanted to see.

Catherine also helped us book a driver to take us to the Great Wall (Mr. Sun!) who was just the sweetest man. We got picked in front of our place up at 3AM and got to the main entrance at about 4:30. He walked us up to the main entrance (to the stairs leading up to the wall!) to make sure that we didn’t get lost in the dark. We hiked around for solid 3 hours and then met our driver back where he dropped us off (he was exactly where he said he would wait for us!).

The fees/prices for the tours are very reasonable.

I am recommending Catherine to a friend of mine who is going to be in Beijing in September, and I will continue to recommend Catherine to anyone who is looking for a great guide in Beijing.


"Excellent 3 Days-History, Culture & Daily life!"

 Clients: Steve Boulay
 Nationality: America

Worked with Catherine to arrange airport transfer and three days touring. Our guide was Steven, a nice, honest, smart 26 year old (soon to be married) whose knowledge of the historic sights we saw, willingness to take us to non-tourist restaurants and interest in sharing his thoughts on being a young man in today’s China were fascinating. Two 19 year old college students and my 50 year old wife and I were all charmed by Steven and really felt he was giving his all to share Beijing with us. Combinecthatvwith an excellent driver each day who dropped us off and picked us up right on que with cold water to boot was terrific. Given the foreignness of Beijing even for a family that travels a lot it was a good feeling to have ech day planned by Catherine’s company. I highly recommend them and felt the moderate fees more than worthwhile! Side note – Beijing in August is a furnace. Be prepared with hats, shorts and an umbrella for the sun or pick a cooler month!

"Wonderful Tour in Beijing!"

 Clients: Stephen Noone
 Nationality: America


Ameya and I booked a city tour through you on July 29th and July 31st.? Steven was our assigned tour guide, and I am happy to report he far exceeded any expectations we had.? His knowledge, friendliness, helpfulness and commitment to provide a great experience is to be commended and should not go unnoticed. ??We communicated as such to him but I also wanted to let you know how pleased we were with him. ?While our time in Beijing was short, I am confident we got the most out of it.? Please know that I will recommend you and your staff to any friends or family that visit Beijing.

A big thanks to you and Steven!


Stephen Noone

29th 31st July 2012

"We had a great time in Beijing"

 Clients: Mie-Yun Lee
 Nationality: Asian American

Hi Catherine

I wanted to drop a quick note to say Joey was a wonderful guide and*perfect* for our children. We very much appreciated his friendly,easygoing nature. Our kids already miss him. I also think he did a very nice job yesterday when we could not get intouch with the driver. Joey was grace under pressure. Thank you!

?Mie-Yun Lee

5th to 6th August