"Great Wall and Summer Palace English speaking tour"

 Clients: Mary Conik
 Nationality: England

Frances, a delightful English speaking tour guide, made our day to the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace the highlight of our week long trip to the Beijing, China area. She was friendly, engaging, and very informative. The experience was flawless. She kept the driver in the loop to our needs and he was readily available to move us from venue to venue. The restaurant she took us to near the Great Wall was the best Chinese food we had the whole trip. Great value and money well spent. I wish happiness and longevity to Francis and Catherine Lu tours. Catherine Lu handled our arrangements via email…all done very professionally and honestly. Catherine Lu quickly responded to email inquiries and Francis showed up at our hotel on time and ready to go with a safe driver. Say “Hi” to Francis from Mary, Amy, and Jeff if you get her for your tour.

Visited November 2012

Mary Conik

"Catherine’s tour guides and drivers were brilliant"

 Clients: Kath Bolton
 Nationality: New Zealand

We just returned to New Zealand after 4 days in Beijing, shown around by the caring and capable tour guide from Catherine Lu tours, whose name was Francis. She was an absolute delight – full of knowledge and stories of China and its history, but also comfortable with Western ways, which made us very comfortable too. Although Francis is considerably younger than our over-60 group of four, she adjusted her pace to suit our tired feet and aching legs. Francis not only showed us around and added excellent insights into what we were seeing, she also took care of purchasing our tickets for admission to all the parks and sights, and for the pedicab ride through the hutongs, and this made everything so much quicker and easier for us. She also took care of ordering the various dishes at lunch. One day, we left a souvenir behind at a restaurant and Francis ran some distance back to retrieve it for us. What a gem! Judging by most of the reviews for Catherine and her team, it is clear that when Catherine herself can’t be your guide, she assigns someone equally as good. I haven’t met Catherine, but Francis is an excellent replacement. Francis made us feel so well informed, relaxed and cared for. It was joy to meet her every morning. Catherine also booked drivers for us, first to meet us at the airport and transfer us to our hotel, a driver for every touring day, and a final driver to take us to the train station. Every driver was courteous, safe, and drove us in a clean and spacious vehicle. In addition to these services, Cartherine booked our first night dinner at Da Dong restuarant – and without her booking we would never have got in – as well as our train tickets in Business Class from Beijing to Shanghai. It was a thoroughly professional, friendly service all round, and in our opinion she well deserves her top ranking on TA. And if Catherine is not available herself, ask if Francis is available. She is an absolute delight. BTW, special message to any Aussies booking Francis through Catherine: we have already taught Francis that the All Blacks are the best – sorry about that!! And a message to Francis if you’re reading this…we miss you.

"We had a great time!"

 Clients: John Sen Mah
 Nationality: America

My wife and I had a great experience with Frances.? She was very attentive, knowledge able and her language proficiency was great in our opinion. We loved her attitude and despite the fact that I had been to Beijing a few times already, she was very good at informing my wife and I about little bits of knowledge outside of history that we found very rewarding. The driver was great and we were very happy with the restaurant she selected for us.??

Thanks Catherine,

John Sen Mah

"Thank you very much!"

 Clients: Rudolf and Sandra
 Nationality: German

Dear Catherine,

Back in Germanywe would like to give you a short feedback of our impressions in Beijing where we have had a really lovely time with Frances.?

Frances, the guide you had provided us for these three days, mainly contributed to the success of our visit. With her competence, her deep knowledge of history, her understanding and empathy for us Frances made these three days to an unforgettable and outstanding??experience.

Thanks to Frances we experienced the ancient history as well as today’s China?in a variety and diversity we never had expected. Please give Francesfor us the highest possible rating.

Thank you very much for your professional service. ?We will be happy to recommend you to our friends.

Best regards

Rudolf and Sandra

"We were assigned an excellent tour guide!"

 Clients: Myly and Christian Posse
 Nationality: Frances

Dear Catherine,

We couldn’t have had a better tour guide! I have already recommended her on Facebook. She was smart (knowledgeable?on so much history and culture, her English was excellent, she was kind, social (she never let the silence go on too long, as this can be awkward). The restaurants she chose were excellent. You definitely have to use her as much as possible.

All-in-all, she was extremely respectful, but so comfortable to speak with. I just really liked her (as did my husband).

Driver: they were on-time and proficient. I didn’t feel unsafe at all. I do understand that driving is a challenge in Beijing, so they did a wonderful job not making us feel scared. 🙂

Thank you so much for helping us have a wonderful time in Beijing.

Myly and Christian Posse

"Wonderful Trip in China"

 Clients: Jeffrey David Wyatt
 Nationality: America

Hi Catherine,

As I told you on the phone before we left, we had an excellent time in China and your guides were a big part of the reason why.

Frances in Beijing gets 5 stars all around. ?Her English proficiency was excellent, as was her knowledge of the sites, her personality, and her overall willing to help with anything we needed. ?She also suggested great restaurants and things for us to do on our own. ?We could not have been happier!

Zoe in Xi’an gets 4 stars all around. ?She had good knowledge of the sites and good English skills, but her pronunciation was sometimes a little difficult to understand. ?There was a bit of confusion about restaurants at the Terracotta Warriors site and we ended up at a restaurant that was not good. ?With a little bit of extra preparation for food recommendations and a little polishing of her English pronunciation, should could be a 5 star guide.

David is also a 5 star guide all around. ?He clearly knows Shanghai inside and out, has great English skills, and was willing to customize our tours on the fly according to what he saw we were interested in. ?It is clear that he has a lot of experience and I feel like we were really able to maximize our time in the city with him as our guide.

Overall we were very happy with the entire experience and would certainly recommend your tour services to people we know who plan to travel toChina. ?

The only suggestion I would have for improvement, would be if the guides had a little more “insider” knowledge about the tourist markets. ?We were interested in shopping in the tourist markets and while they took us to the exact places we were interested in, I was hoping for a bit more guidance about how much I should be paying for things, what items to look for, what to avoid, etc. ?While this kind of knowledge is not necessarily expected of the guides, this would have been a nice extra touch that I’m sure future clients of yours would appreciate.



"You will not find better!"

 Clients: Tammy Flier
 Nationality: Australia

We did a day trip to Mutianyu (Great Wall) with Catherine in late August. She is brilliant! Her language skills are great and she was so nice an friendly. Our small (1 year old) son was with us and Catherine was patient with us when we had to go slower because of him. She explained so much of the history of the great wall and answered all of our questions about historic and modern China. We had a delicious lunch at a local eatery that was very clean and had great food. Catherine wen over and above by organizing tickets to an acrobatic show and a dinner reservation at Da Dong in Beijing. I cannot recommend her enough!
We also had Catherine arrange a tour to the Forbidden City which her colleague Cookie took us on. Cookie was lovely and knew so much about Tian’amen Square and the Forbidden City.

I would not hesitate in recommending Catherine to anyone – she is the best!

"Awesome Tour Guide! Great Experience! Delicious Food! Exhausting Day!"

 Clients: Danielle Fryar
 Nationality: America

Private tour guide service: The tour service was awesome. Catherine was very personable and professional. She was also knowledgeable of each of the locations we visited. All of the facts shared were truly interesting. She made sure that the group was comfortable and engaged at all times.

Language Proficiency: Catherine spoke perfect English. We never had any issues understanding.

Quality of Service: Service was great. Pick up was punctual. The day was long, so we were exhausted by the end of the day. If your guide suggests to sell you tickets to the show. I would recommend doing it the next day or taking the option for the later show to give you time to shower and rest a little bit. We were exhausted after the warm day of a lot of walking. The van was very clean, air conditioned and comfortable.

Knowledge Proficiency: Top notch. As mentioned above, the group was totally engaged and excited about all that Catherine had to share.

Restaurant: The food at the restaurant was delicious. We had a couple with us that wasn’t that adventurous, so there were a number of dishes to suit us all.

Our group had a great time. If we’re ever in Beijing again, we will definitely use Catherine Lu Tours again to visit some of the other locations listed on their site.

One thing that was annoying, but out of her control was the Chinese thought that the black Americans were photo worthy, so we had to stop often to take photos. People were very quick to invade our personal space and approach the baby. It was surreal, but we didn’t allow it to spoil our tour.

Visited August 2012

"Beijing Tour – Excellent Experience"

 Clients: Frank & Mark
 Nationality: Britain

?We booked with Catherine for a two day Beijing Tour prior to us joining a larger big bus tour from another company a few days later. Our goal was to hit all the other sites that our big bus tour wouldn’t cover. Catherine booked us with one of her best tour guides by the name of Amanda. We went to the Mutianyu -Great Wall,TempleofHeaven,LamaTemple,CapitalMuseum, Olympic Park andAncientArchitectMuseumas well as walked through the beautiful Behai andJingshanParks. All went very smooth and was extremely easy. Catherine also arranged to have a car pick us up at the airport and drop us at our hotel the first night. If I did it all over again I would avoid the big bus group and just book everything with Catherine. Overall it was a fantastic experience made very easy.


"Wonderful Day at the Huanghuacheng Wall!"

 Clients: David Grace
 Nationality: Australia

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for your email. The trip was great and the guide Joey was very informative and helpful.

Language, knowledge and overall service was of high level.

The village restaurant was great.

?Best regards,

David Grace

30th August