Suzhou Private 2-Day Classic Local Tour

  • Tour code: CL-SZ-02
  • Available: Daily
  • Duration: 2 days (8 hours per day)
  • Starts/ends: Upon your request (8:00am - 9:00am)
  • Attractions: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Guanqian Street, Lingering Garden, Panmen Gate, Master of Nets Garden, Shantang Street, Tongli?Water Village


* Private tour only. The total sum will be the total number of people that you select.
  • Day by Day Itinerary

    Itinerary Details

    Day 1: Humble Administrator’s Garden-Guanqian Street-Lingering Garden-Panmen Gate


    Pick up at your hotel in Suzhou (between 8:00am to 9:00am)

    Visit Humble Administrator’s Garden was built in Ming Dynasty (early 16th century), dating back more than 500 years of history, is the representative works of classical gardens south of the Yangtze River. You will see hill house, Wave Corridor, kinds of bridges and pavilions in the garden.

    Walk along Guanqian Street (the name of the street means a street in front of a Taoist Temple), this street is 760 metres long, consists of the eastern, middle and western sections, the main theme of the street involves eating, shopping and entertaining. Some shops have a history of over a hundred years.

    Dine in a local Chinese Restaurant by your own expense.


    Lingering Garden was first built in 1593 during in Ming Dynasty and it was a private residence of Xu Taishi, a bureaucrat of the Ming court. But now kept in the Qing Dynasty style, with a history of more than 400 years, the Lingering Garden has changed hands several times, each owner did his best to perfect it. It is known for exquisite architectural art. It boasts its fine gardening, luxurious and spacious hall, and collection of stones from Taihu Lake. The garden can generally be divided into four parts: the central, eastern, western and northern parts according to the style of the buildings.

    The last destination to see Panmen Gate that the oldest city gate of Suzhou and the only existing water and land gate in China. The gate is located on the south-west corner of the Main Canal Suzhou. Originally built during the Warring States Period in the state of Wu, historians estimate it to be around 2,500 years old.

    Day 2: Master of Nets-Tongli Water Town

    Pick up at your hotel in Suzhou (between 8:00am to 9:00am)

    Tour Master of Nets Garden: is unique for its small size and exquisite buildings, elegant landscape, and compact structure. The garden demonstrates Chinese garden designers' adept skills for synthesizing art, nature, and architecture to create unique metaphysical ? masterpieces.

    Afterwards, explore Shantang Street, also well known as Seven mile Shantang, it is an ancient riverside pedestrian road that is very popular with tourists. This old street sector is only about 360 meters long, but it has the reputation of? “miniature of the old Suzhou” and the “window of Jiangsu culture”. It was a commodities center, where merchants conducted business and community staged folk activities.

    Tongli?Water Village: is considered the Venice in Asia. One of the best water village located in Suzhou and is a well protected water township with thousand years history.

    Tongli has a similar history and natural scenery compared with Zhouzhuang, but is much less crowded. Tongli also has its own unique features which are worth exploring and experiencing. Tongli is divided into seven islands intersected by 15 canals. Because of the landscape, almost all of the buildings in the town are along the waterfront. In front of the buildings, small stairs leading to the canals were built, which are convenient for residents to wash clothes and for traveling around the town by boat.

    Drop you off at your hotel after the tour.

    Please note: The price of this tour will rise during Chinese New Year holiday (February 4th to February 10th in 2019)

  • Inclusion/Exclusion


    1. English-speaking tour guide service fees

    2. Air-conditioned vehicle with a private driver

    3. Gas, toll & parking lot fees

    4. All entrance tickets to the sights listed above


    Excluded (Not Included)

    1. Chinese visa

    2. Accommodations

    3. Meals

    4. Gratuity to the guide and driver

    5. Personal Costs

    6. Boat ride in Tongli Water Village

  • Notes

    Children's Discount:

    Discounts for children in China are based on height! Pls let us know your children's height so we can calculate accordingly!

    Please note:

    1.The quoted price is for a-8 hour tour per day. If you use more than 6 hours or less than 8 hours per day it will still be considered a full day.

    2.Additional hours are billed at 50CNY to 100CNY for the guide and 50CNY to 100CNY for the driver.

    3.Pls note that the itinerary is flexible and we can adjust it according to your personal interests, the weather or any unexpected conditions.

    4.For the lunch, we will take you to the authentic Chinese local restaurant catering for the locals. The guide will assist you to order some dishes and you can share the lunch with the guide and cover the lunch by your own cost

    5.We conduct only private tour but not group tour and won’t mix you with others.

    6.Our tours are complete non-forced shopping tour and we won’t take you to any factories without request to waste your valuable time.

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