Hutongs near the Liulichang Antique Street

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  • Available: Daily
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
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  • Attractions: Hutongs, Qianmen Pedestrain Street


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    This wonderful guided tour will?lead?you?around?the hutongs and courtyards?in the Xuanwu District~south of Beijing where you will see?ancient authentic alleyways, courtyard houses, and the real, genuine daily life of Beijingers.We will cheerfully explore a small fresh vegetable market. We end our delightful tour strolling and shopping along the famous Liulichang Cultural Street which exhibits arts& crafts (real and "replica/fake" antiques), and later, enjoy leisurely time together visiting the old cultural neighborhoods.

    The walk along the old alleyways in the neighborhood?provide an opportunity to see?a world of difference in the central capital of this rapidly changing country We come to realize some of Beijing residents' lifestyles and living environments haven't changed very much since ancient times. You will see locals doing many different trades learned and perfected from their ancestors in sharp contrast with the Modern Beijingers who have chosen to discard the old ways and move up into the high rise buildings/apartments/condos seeking out more cosmopolitan Western Ways.

    From Hutong, you can walk to the Qianmen Pedestrain street and walk around the Dashilan Street.

    Dashilan is located at the center place of ancient Beijing city, which is an important component part of south middle axis. It is in the south of Tian’anmen Square and west of Qianmen Street. Dashilan is 275 meters long from east to west. Dashilan is a narrow street with numerous shops on both sides, which attracts lots of tourists every day. In the area of 1.26 square kilometers around the Dashilan shopping street, many ancient Beijing buildings are best preserved.

    Dashihan has a history of more than 580 years, there dwells around 30 famous shops with over 100 years history such as Beijing Tong Rentang which sells Chinese medicine, Nei Liansheng which sells shoes, Rui Fuxiang which sells silk and Liu Biju which sells pickles etc. It has always been the leading traditional shopping center. Besides, there are also other famous shops like Zhang Yiyuan which sells teas and Ma Juyuan which sells hats.

    Tong Rentang Chinese Medicine Store was opened on 1696 and it was known for the self-made medicines. Ma Juyuan Hat store was operated on 1811, the hats and shoes they make were specialized for royal families and the nobility. As time went by, Ma Juyuan began to focus on making national caps. Rui Fuxiang Silk Store was opened on 1893, mainly selling silk and leather products. Nei Liansheng Shoe Shop was run on 1853, mainly providing shoes for the royal families.

    Besides, Dashilan area is also the leading birthplace of Beijing opera and Xuannan Culture. The combination of royal culture and folk culture makes Dashilan a place with profound cultural foundation and dignified history atmosphere. “Wear Ma Juyuan’s hat, dress Rui Fuxiang’s clothes and wear Nei Liansheng’s shoes used to be the symbol of traditional Beijing business. In addition, Dashilan was also one of the famous entertainment centers in Beijing. In history, there were five grand opera towers: Qingle Tower, Sanqing Tower, Guangde Tower, Guanghe Tower and Tongle Tower. The first cinema in Beijing—Daguan Hall was also located here.

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