Hangzhou Private 2-Day City Tour

  • Tour code: CL-HZ-02B
  • Available: Daily
  • Duration: Two Full Days
  • Starts/ends: On your request
  • Attractions: West Lake, Bamboo lined path, Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond, Feilaifeng & Lingyin Temple, Former Residence of Hu Xueyan, Song Dynasty Town


* Private tour only. The total sum will be the total number of people that you select.
  • Day by Day Itinerary

    Itinerary Details

    Day 1: West Lake - Bamboo lined path - Former Residence of Hu Xueyan - Tea Museum

    Meet your guide in the hotel lobby of your Hangzhou downtown at 8:30am or your request time or the exit? of Hangzhou railway station in the morning, you will find your name on a welcome signage so you can easily recognize the guide then start your exciting sightseeing tour.

    The first stop is West Lake, it is the most renowned feature of Hangzhou, noted for the scenic beauty, attracts tourists from all over the world. Wandering along the lake, enjoy the breathtaking scenery - pavilions, pagodas and embankments, etc and hear a Folk fairy tale - Legend of White Snake from your guide. The west lake cruise will last around 50 minutes then you can choose take either the west lake cruise or the small boat on the lake.

    Bamboo lined path at Yunqi -“Yunqi” means “clouds lingering”, because it is said that some colored clouds floated over from Color Clouds Hill and lingered there, hence the name.It’s essentially a bamboo forest, it really makes you realise how insignificant you are when you stand next to the bamboo trees towering way above you,wander slowly along the path, just enjoying the peacefulness of it as well as each other’s presence.

    Afterwards, go to visit the Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond (HuaGang Park), there you can have nice fish viewing. It is one of the ten scenes of West Lake, you can not miss it.

    At the lunch time, your tour guide can recommend some authentic Chinese restaurants that cater whatever you are craving for.

    Afterwards, go to Former Residence of Hu Xueyan. It is the luxuriest residence of a merchants in the end of the Chinese Qing Dynasty. You can see its habitable rooms blend with its gardens and its building materials can be compared favourably with the imperial palace. You can just find a trace of Hu Xueyan’s legendary life there and listen the amazing story from your guide.

    Afternoon, go to Tea Museum that is the only one, the tea theme museum in China, learn about the tea culture. You also can have the chance to watch the tea ceremony and drink teas in a quiet and peaceful place.

    Please note: it’s closed every Monday, if you choose the tour on Monday then you can visit tea plantation instead.

    Day 2: Feilaifeng & Lingyin Temple - Song Dynasty Town

    Feilaifeng & Lingyin Temple - Feilai Feng, or "the Peak that Flew Hither", also commonly translated as "Flying Peak", is located in front of the temple proper. The peak is so-named because it is made of limestone, giving it a craggy appearance very different from the surrounding mountains. Legend holds that the peak was originally from India (with some versions suggesting that it is Vulture Peak), but flew to Hangzhou overnight as a demonstration of the omnipotence of Buddhist law. A large number of rock reliefs dot the surface of the peak. More are located in various caves and grottoes throughout the peak. Within the main cave, dedicated to the bodhisattva Guanyin, there is a crack in the ceiling of the cave that stretches up to the surface, so that a person standing at a certain position can see a sliver of sunlight. This is known as the "one thread of heaven??

    Lingyin Temple is one of the top ten most famous ancient Buddhist monasteries in China, also one of the largest and wealthiest Buddhist temples in China, and contains numerous pagodas and Buddhist grottoes. The temple is sited in north-west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. In front of it are the Peak That Flew Here and the Cold Spring. Surrounded the temple are majestic peaks and sky-reaching ancient trees; it is really a tourist attraction that can offer you appealing places of historic interest, cultural relics as well as agreeable natural scenery with woods, flowers, springs, etc.

    Afternoon go to Song Dynasty Town (also called Songcheng), it is the largest Song Dynasty theme park in Hangzhou even in China. All the things there bring Song style to life. It is very interesting to see a new world. You can wearing the ancient clothes, wandering in the Song dynasty Town as if the time goes back to 700-1000 years ago (960AD-1279AD). You also can enjoy a performance show around 14:00pm - 15:00pm

    There are three fields in Songcheng, Performing Songcheng, High-tech Songcheng, and Cultural Songcheng. You will not only see the stores, workshops, gardens, bridges,? etc. but also can see many kinds people from the whole China and World to wear the clothes Song Dynasty but speak the different dialect and language. The amazing experience you will be there.

    Drop you off at the hotel in Hangzhou after the entire trip.

  • Inclusion/Exclusion


    • English-speaking tour guide service fee
    • Air-conditioned vehicle with a private driver
    • Gas, toll & parking lot fees
    • Delicious Lunch in a local Chinese restaurant
    • All entrance tickets to the sights listed above

    Excluded (Not Included)

    • Accommodation
    • Dinner
    • Gratuity to the guide and driver
    • Boat ride in Wuzhen Water Town
    • Personal Costs
  • Notes

    Children's Discount:

    Discounts for children in China are based on height!

    kids are below 1.2 meters in height are free of charge

    kids are between 1.2 -1.4 meters in height can enjoy 5% discount.

    kids are above 1.4 meters in height will be the same price as adult.

    Please Note:

    1. The quoted price is for a-8 hour tour per day. If you use more than 6 hours or less than 8 hours per day it will still be considered a full day.

    2. Additional hours are billed at 50CNY to 100CNY for the guide and 50CNY to 100CNY for the driver.

    3. Pls note that the itinerary is flexible and we can adjust it according to your personal interests, the weather or any unexpected conditions.

    4.For the lunch, we will take you to the authentic Chinese local restaurant catering for the locals. If you prefer to take a lunch in a fancy restaurant or order the dishes above our budget then you can just cover the cost difference above our budget! The guide will assist you to order some dishes and you can share the lunch with the guide.

    5. We conduct only private tour but not group tour and won’t mix you with others.

    6. Our tours are complete non-forced shopping tour and we won’t take you to any factories without request to waste your valuable time.

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