3 days private tour from Guilin to Yangshuo with airport transfer

  • Tour code: CL-GL-06
  • Available: Daily
  • Duration: Full day tour
  • Starts/ends: On your request
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* Private tour only. The total sum will be the total number of people that you select.
  • Day by Day Itinerary

    Itinerary Details

    Day 1, Airport pick up.

    Pick you up from Guilin airport then will drive you to your hotel in Guilin. Have a good rest and be ready for the next day’s adventure!

    Day 2, Rice Terraces trip by private vehicle. Stay the night in Yangshuo.

    Check out from your hotel in Guilin this morning then drive you to the Rice Terraces in Ping'an village. See the villages of the minority people of this area namely the?Yao and? Zhuang? tribes. Ping’an village has traditional wooden houses and is only reachable by a footpath which is an approximate 20 min walk from the gate.? You can go to visit the tea farm and the Long Hair village on the way if you are interested. In the area around Ping’an village there are many walking trails but the most popular is a walking trail of about 2 hours along the rice terraces with some beautiful views. Visit the No 1?and No 2 view in Ping'an village. Once the day‘s touring is complete,?take you to the hotel in Yangshuo. Stay the night in Yangshuo. You will have a relax evening by yourself this day.

    Day?3,?Visit the Silver Cave, See Moon Hill nearby?,Boat cruise on Li River this afternoon then drive you to the airport by your flight.

    Check out from your hotel in?Yangshuo then drive you?to visit the Silver Cave in this area, which?is the largest karst cave in Guilin and fully shows the charm of the typical karst landform in south China. Numerous crystal stalactites extend from the roof of the cave like stars in a falling Milky Way. They glitter like silver and diamonds under the colorful lights, giving the cave its name: Silver Cave. Nice and less tourist people inside the cave around 1 hour trip inside the cave. After that drive you to take the picture of the Moon Hill. Then drive you to Xingping, ?Take a?2 hours boat cruise from Xingping to?Yangti along the Li?River.? This stretch of river is regarded as the most scenic on the Li River .?The driver will meet you when you end off the boat then drive you to the Guilin airport for your flight. End off your trip.

    Note: The Longji Rice Terraces In Different Seasons

    The appearance of the terraces changes with the season – they’re filled with pure clear water from the mountains in Spring,?green?during the growing season in Summer,?golden?when the rice is ready to be harvested in Autumn and wonderfully?white?when it snows in Winter.

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  • Notes

    Normally Guilin is better known than Yangshuo as Yangshuo can’t be reached directly by flight and train and you have to stop over Guilin. But the sceneries in Guilin can’t compare with that in Yangshuo so we won’t do any tour arrangement in Guilin and all the sights arrangement will be in Yangshuo or surrounding area.

    In Yangshuo some actives arrangement will relate to the water like Li River cruise or Bamboo Rafting and when it has heavy rains or flooding there (sometimes during raining season it could happen) those actives will be cancelled and if that happens, then you can discuss with the local guide directly to change the programs straightly and we'll re-calculate the price for you then, hope you can understand !

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    Email address:?book@catherinelutours.com

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