1 Day Private Tour to Longji Terraces from Guilin

  • Tour code: CL-GL-02
  • Available: Daily
  • Duration: Full day tour
  • Starts/ends: On your request
  • Attractions: Longji Terraces
* Private tour only. The total sum will be the total number of people that you select.
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    1 Day private tour for?Rice Terraces trip by private vehicle, overnight in Guilin

    Start the tour?from your hotel in Guilin at 8:45am - 9:00am?then drive you to the Rice Terraces in Ping'an village. We?will drive about 2 hours (100km).

    See the villages of the minority people of this area namely the?Yao and Zhuang tribes on the way. Ping’an Village, home to the Zhuang people, was closed to the outside world due to the bad road conditions until 1997. Remarkable traditions and outlooks are preserved even though the majority of the local villagers have picked up second careers as restaurant staff, hostel or café owner, luggage porter or sedan chair carrier. This is probably a brilliant way to make a better living during slack farming season. At harvest, they will be busy harvesting crops in the fields, becoming a part of the scenery.

    You can go to visit the tea farm and the Long Hair village on the way if you are interested. In the area around Ping’an village there are many walking trails but the most popular is a walking trail of about 2 hours along the rice terraces with some beautiful views. Visit the No 1?and No 2 view in Ping'an village. Once the day‘s touring is complete,?take you back to the hotel in Guilin. You will have a relax evening by yourself this day.

    Note: The Longji Rice Terraces in Different Seasons

    The appearance of the terraces changes with the season – they’re filled with pure clear water from the mountains in spring,?green?during the growing season in summer,?golden?when the rice is ready to be harvested in autumn, and wonderfully?white?when it snows in winter.

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